Health Benefits of Dancing

Health Benefits of Dancing
Dancing has countless benefits, both physical and mental.
Physically, dancing is excellent for nearly everyone. It is a great cardiovascular workout, which strengthens the heart and improves lung function.
A couple months of regular dancing and you'll not only help to extend your life span but you will likely find that you can walk farther distances and don't get tired climbing stairs any more.

Health Benefits of Dancing

Improved cardiovascular function also helps to lower cholesterol and helps to lower blood pressure.
The best part of improving your cardiovascular function is that it will help you to slow the aging process. Who wouldn't want that?
Dancing also helps to strengthen your muscles which is beneficial for a couple of reasons.
Strong muscles make you less prone to injury, and for women it can help avoid developing osteoporosis.
Improved flexibility and balance is another benefit of regular dancing. Improving flexibility is another way to avoid injury to joints. Improved balance helps to strengthen the nervous system.
And what is the benefit of dancing that tends to be everyone's favorite? The answer to that is simple - it makes you more attractive!
Think about it... you're burning calories and losing excess weight, you're toning your muscles, your core strength is improved so you're standing taller... you are getting better looking with every passing week that you are dancing regularly.
Over and above the physical benefits, there are emotional benefits that are just as important.
Many studies have shown that regular exercise stimulates brain chemicals that can leave you feeling more relaxed and happy.
For people who suffer from anxiety and depression disorders this is especially helpful as regular exercise helps to regulate the chemicals in the brain that help to avoid depression and anxiety.
Health Benefits of Dancing

Believe it or not, dancing even helps to improve your brain function. The act of using your brain to memorize the steps in a dance helps to stimulate your brain. This type of stimulation has been shown to help avoid deterioration of brain function as people age.

Dancing is almost guaranteed to boost your self esteem. You will be physically more attractive which will make you feel better about yourself, and you will have the sense of accomplishment that comes with learning a new skill.

Health Benefits of Dancing

Dancing is a social exercise, which means you will be either getting out and spending time connecting with your friends, or getting out and making new friends.
Having an active social life has been shown to result in people feeling generally happier and more satisfied with their life and their family.

If you have a spouse, dancing is a great way to connect with your partner.
The physical exercise combined with the sense of fun and adventure make it a great activity to do as a couple.
If you do not have a spouse, dancing is a great way to get out there and meet someone. There are lots of clubs and places where people gather to dance and it's a great place to meet someone with whom you already have something in common.

So in summary, this is an activity that will help you live longer, make you stronger, make you feel better about yourself and either help you connect with your partner or help you find a new partner.

How could anyone not love dance?

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